A Day in the Life of a Pet Parrotlet Bird

Okay. So you can call me a pet bird. If someone keeps bringing me new food water, toys, (and MILLET) I can live with that. I’ve got a nice parrot cage house to live in when I want, shoulders and heads to ride on, and no hawks or snakes around as far as I can tell. Guess I’ve got a pretty good gig going on here. Did I mention the MILLET?

Playing with my small parrot toys is okay, but I really like checking out and chewing on all those human things. As a matter of fact everything looks like a toy or something to eat. I can’t really tell for sure until I get my beak on it.

pacific-parrotlet-toysMy beak is one of my best buddies. It’s great for grabbing things, holding something while I taste it, and for chewing holes in plastic bags so I can get a little taste of the human food they hide inside.

I wonder which one of my ancestors was the first to chew through a plastic bag?

I was watching the Animal Planet on TV the other day and saw one of my African cousins riding on top of a rhinoceros. That’s what I like to do too around here when anybody’s home. No rhinos here but humans work too. I tour the house in style whenever I can hitch a ride on someone’s shoulder or head. No tasty ticks for me to chew off their hides though. That’s okay. I get lots of other good stuff to eat all the time. 

I’m supposed to mainly eat seeds, you know – bird food, but like my cousins out in the wild world I like some tastes of fruits and vegetables too. I even nibble at cereals, cake, meat, and other human food when I get a chance. They make it so easy for me by putting it in the middle of a round disk that I can walk around.

Sometimes its just fun to shred and toss stuff around and wipe
my beak on something nearby. Someone will clean up after me. (Note to parrotlets everywhere – If you get the chance move into a house with a "type A" person, they enjoy cleaning up after you.)

Oops, it’s past my bedtime and my talons are getting tired from all this typing. Time to fly back to my pet bird cage and put on that "pet" act before I go to sleep. I know that some of my cousins like to sleep with bird cage covers over them but not me. I just ring my bell until someone turn the lights off.

Good night.


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