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I got tired hopping around on the keyboard and typing yesterday so I decided to sit back on my perch and watch videos of some of my cousins. Here are some of my favorite videos. Most of these have some small parrot talking parts or some easy bird tricks that we learn to do to entertain the humans. Little do they realize what a kick we get out of watching them say “Pretty Bird” a hundred times more than we do.

Most of the best feathered actors you’ll see in videos today are parrots or parrotlets of course. Humans are brought in as extras and the ones that have speaking parts do add some humor.

If they would only teach us some better phrases like for instance – “Please deposit fifty cents for the next two minutes” – maybe us parrotlets could make a decent living.

Pacific parrotlet makes a birdhouse in a flower pot1. Parrotlet in a Commercial – Some parrotlets are already on their way to stardom like the first one who got his talons in the door doing that commercial. The big screen can’t be far away.

2. Talking Parrotlet – Give a parrot a talk, he’ll listen for a day. Teach a parrot to talk and he’ll talk your ear off for a lifetime.

3. Blue Parrotlet Says “Hi Baby” and “Go Night Night” – Gotta keep that crying, whining baby from keeping him up at night somehow.

4. Talking Parrotlet Says “Whatchya’ Doing?” – What do you THINK he’s doing – sitting there talking and listening to you.

5.  Green Parrotlet Says “Birdie, Birdie, Birdie” – There must be a good golfer in that house. That small parrot is lucky he isn’t saying “hack, hack, hack” like Uncle Leo does every week.

6. A Parrotlet Bird Does the “Play Dead” Trick – “Look into my eyes … you are getting sleepy.” What we pets do for you humans. That small bird deserves a big  Academy Award for sure.

7. Parrotlet Does Finger “Step Up” Trick –  Who needs a stair stepper machine when you have a human around to exercise with. A few more hours of that kind of training and he can stop eating like a bird.

8. Blue Winged Parrotlet Taking a Bath – Can you give the little guy a little privacy please? They ought to make these parrot cages with some curtains for times like this.  And next time, a nice big dish of water would be just great.

9. Parrotlets Playing With Toys – Who’d a thought parrots like to play with toys? Duh. In this one you can see the parrotlet training a human to play with a couple different toys.

parrotlet eating a strawberry10. Parrotlet Opening Soda Bottle – Small parrotlet bird to the rescue here helping open a bottle for a human friend. All you have to do is ask.

11. Parrotlet Eating a Fig – Yep, us pet parrot types will sit on our perches and eat fruit and millet all day long. No millet in this video though.

12. Parrotlets Eating Shrimp Cocktail – We’ll try to eat just about anything. Although I’ve never heard of parrot food supplies including jalapeño flavored birdseed. Phew!

13. A Parrotlet Preening Another Parrotlet – Every big or small bird appreciates a little preening help now and then. Good thing that parrotlet breeder and pet store birds sure have a lot of feathered buddies around to help.

So there you have ’em, my favorite parrotlet videos. We sure are cute, and smart, and fun, and fun to watch, and you can see that some of us are chatty. But at least none of us are catty. Stupid cats.

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