Some Parrotlets Learn to Talk, Chartreuse Prefers toType

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chartreuse and I’m a parrotlet bird – that means small parrot. Officially people refer to me as a Pacific Parrotlet. That’s kind of funny because I actually hatched near the Atlantic Ocean and there’s a good story about that.  I’ll tell you all about it later.

Good thing that I can type because this way I get to tell you my side of the story. And whoever said " The internet is for the birds" was very wise. Probably an owl.  

parrotlet-birds-typing-gamesWhen everyone is out of the room I fly over to the computer, hop on the keyboard, and try to punch out a few thoughts. This keyboard is pretty big and it sure takes a lot of hopping around to write.

My favorite keys are P – A – R – O – T – L – E and the backspace key. Good thing ’cause I make a lot of typos. (Typos and tiny poos … but that’s a different story … hehe.)

As you might have guessed already, I use the hunt and peck method of typing. I haven’t had a chance yet to practice the ASDF touchtyping method like I’m supposed to because I’d rather play and make up my own typing games.

That’s what we parrotlets are good at – playing – and of course a little chewing. I like playing, and chewing. Besides that my feet are way too small and can’t reach all the keys. I bet some of my bigger parrot cousins could reach though.

So anyway, it’s really nice of you to visit my website. Look around and come back again when you get a chance. When no one’s looking I’ll fly out of my small bird cage and get back to the keyboard again to let you know how things are going.

Uh oh, I hear someone coming … it’s time for me to fly off and make believe that I’m just an ordinary little parrot.

"Eep … eep". Hehe.


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