Ten Great Reasons to Buy a Parrotlet

All birds can be good pets but parrots and parrotlets can make GREAT pets. Their interesting and comical personalities and need for human interaction provides good companionship and constant entertainment.

Here are just some of the reasons to consider getting a parrotlet as a pet:

parrotlet-bird-pet-parrotPARROTLETS ARE GREAT FUN – The littlest parrots are cute, charming, inquisitive, active, and can bring a smile to your face whenever you are around them. Give them a toy or put them on any surface and they are fascinating to watch.

SMALLEST PARROT – Only 4-6 inches from head to tip of tail feathers, parrotlets require limited space and only a medium sized cage. And at 1-2 ounces you barely feel them while they are riding on your shoulder or on your head.

QUIETEST PARROTS – Parrotlets are very quiet and are ideal for condo and/or apartment living. They are a great solution for animal lovers living where dogs or cats are not allowed.

INDOOR PET – Pet birds do not need to be walked. Although they sure do like to fly (or walk) around the house.

NO PET INSURANCE REQUIRED – Parrotlets do not require regular vet visits. We dislike going to the doctors and parrotlets usually stay pretty healthy.

ECONOMICAL TO FEED – Bird food (bird seeds and millet) lasts months. In most places  the good tap water is fine for pets to drink. It should be changed daily though. Parrotlets will also nibble on just about anything a you are eating!

EASY TO KEEP CLEAN – Parrotlets can “take a bath” in a plate or cup of tap water and house (cage) cleaning requires only soap and water. Newspaper or other disposable lining for the bottom of their cage makes cleanup quick and easy. Using small pet cage “corncob” is optional.

FRIENDLY – A parrotlet enjoys riding around on your shoulder. They’re good listeners too and enjoy the sound of a human voice. Just don’t bring up politics or religion. 😉

LONG TERM PET – You can enjoy the bond you form with your pet as parrotlet life expectancy is 20&#43 years.


With some basic knowledge and a little care you can enjoy your new pet parrotlet for many, many years.


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